‚ÄčWant to sell your practice in 3-5 years?
Want to increase your profit exponentially?
Tired of fighting with clients about recommendations?
Hate internet pharmacies?
Frustrated that you are not getting answers from your local, state and national boards?
Tired of working 80 hours a week to make $40,000 but pay your associate $100,000 or more?
Don't know the meaning of NOLO or EBITA or SDE and feel like corporate buyers are trying to rip you off?
Depressed over quality of staff and a practice manager that's more of a business problem than a business asset?
These are just some of the things owners are dealing with on a daily basis and it doesn't look like there is any light at the end of the tunnel.  Veterinary medicine has become harder than ever to turn a profit.  Veterinarians are putting out fires instead of practicing medicine.  No wonder most veterinarians are leaving the profession, practicing part time, or wishing they were back at the university with two cases a day.
Fortunately EAH Management has answers.  If you give us a commitment, we CAN change your fortunes.  We can have your practice ready for growth.  

We can get you the profit or salary you want. We can get your practice ready to be sold.  Don't settle for 1X gross when considering selling your practice.  Don't let your practice be stolen by a corporate buyer and become an employee in your own practice.  Don't let your practice be hi jacked by cancerous employees.  
Fill out our contact form and if you are grossing $500,000 or more, we will call you back and schedule an exploratory meeting to see if a partnership makes sense...what do you have to lose?  Nothing! It takes no effort to keep doing what you are doing. What do you have to gain? EVERYTHING!!!  
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