In addition to providing Digital Radiology and an expansive In-House Diagnostic Laboratory to deliver rapid results for all your pet's requirements, we are thrilled to introduce Ultrasound services. Our guiding principle revolves around delivering the finest medical care at the most reasonable rates. This enables us to diagnose and treat your pet by harnessing the pinnacle of veterinary care while maintaining affordability.

Our on-site cases are meticulously overseen by Dr. Gladieux, who ensures comprehensive evaluation. Subsequently, these cases undergo an additional review by our laboratory via telemedicine to ensure precision.

For scheduling and pricing details, kindly refer to our CONTACT US section. Here are several scenarios where ultrasound proves invaluable for your pet:

Cardiac Concerns: Including Congestive Heart Failure, Puppies with heart murmurs, and Erratic Heartbeat. Furthermore, specific breed-related evaluations such as Dobermans, Yorkshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, and more.
Endocrinology: Aiding in the diagnosis of conditions like Cushing's Disease.
Pregnancy: Offering an exceptional tool to monitor the well-being of your expectant pet.
Needle Guided Biopsy: Facilitating the collection of precise samples.
Renal and Hepatic Evaluation: Assisting in assessing Kidney and Liver Function.
Palpable Masses: Detecting masses during routine physical examinations.
Abnormal Bloodwork: Comprehensively evaluating cases of abnormal blood parameters.
Bladder Function: Providing insights into issues like house accidents.
By incorporating ultrasound services, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving your pet's well-being with the highest standards of care.